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“Our museum encompasses a vast array of fine art
on permanent exhibit or on temporary loans.“

Fortunately, despite the growing use of electronic technology, people still value brick and mortar museums and all the information and history they encompass. With museums still a large attraction all over the world for tourists, locals still have active involvement with their local museums, as well.!!

Our museum encompasses a vast array of fine art on permanent exhibit or on temporary loans. Paintings, sculpture, films and photography of all eras are included in our fine displays. In order to keep locals returning, we often rotate our galleries and borrow collections from around the globe.!

Fine art
dates back

to the very beginnings
of mankind.

As a way to communicate and as an expression of creativity, fine art is admired by the vast majority of people in one way or another. It can be by buying art prints of favorite painters or photographs by a local talent at a nearby art festival. Most people find fine art beautiful on so many levels.

Fine arts include famous painters such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Monet. It also includes sculpture by the likes of Michelangelo and DaVinci. There are so many other not as well known artists have remarkable works worthy of viewing.

Displaying and educating people about fine art, its history, its cultural significance and its beauty is what our museum specializes in. We want generations of people to learn about the significance of art in history as well as its future.!

We strongly
believe a culture

and society shapes its art

and we encourage new artists and recognize fine arts programs across the state and country.

Without fine art to cherish and admire, cultures can fall apart irreparably. Art encourages expressions of all sorts: happiness, sadness, love, triumph and loss. Fine art explores all of those emotions and more. Everyone sees art with a different eye and that's the beauty of it. The very essence of fine art is indeed felt rather than seen and we believe that to be absolutely true.

Come and visit and see for yourself!

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